How Build Your Path Works

Build Your Path is the jumping-off point for career exploration and planning. You’ll use this tool to learn how to build your path, or see the big picture, before you start taking action. After you go through Build Your Path, you’ll be ready to dive into the main menus of the website to start your journey of exploring careers and getting ready for what’s next.

With the Build Your Path tool learn about the steps you’ll take to:

  1. Start exploring careers
  2. Find the right career for you
  3. Get the education and experience you need
  4. Enter the world of work

Everyone starts with career exploration, whether they know what they want to do or not. Again, your journey might change as you learn more about careers and about yourself. After you learn about career exploration, you’ll choose which path to explore next. In each path, learn about the tools and resources available on this site that will help you. You’ll have the opportunity to dive into each path and start using the tools and resources at any time or after you’re finished using Build Your Path.

Click “NEXT” to visualize the different paths and how you’ll navigate through Build Your Path.