Countdown to College Checklist
The worksheets linked below will aid you with detailed lists of all that you’ll need to do to plan, prepare, and apply for college. They are there to help map out your path between your freshman and senior years of high school.

Countdown to College Checklist

Each year, take challenging courses, meet with your school’s counselor, and get involved with extracurricular activities.
In the 9th grade, begin exploring career interest and start listing your accomplishments.
In the 10th grade, you should consider taking the PSAT or other exams and begin thinking about college costs, going to career fairs, and identifying which colleges offer the major(s) you're interested in.
In the 11th grade, take the PSAT and then SAT, visit local colleges, and list the scholarships you want to apply for.
In the 12th grade, apply to colleges, complete your FAFSA, follow up on scholarships, and keep track of deadlines.
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